Fake Flowers Pansy Faux Colorful Flowers for Home Wedding Kitchen Garden Table Centerpieces Indoor Outdoor Decor

cod. ZA3017010
Length 6 heads 35cm L
Material pansy bouquets
Package 0.52cbm
MOQ 1000P/col

Products Details

Are you not good at growing things but still want your patio or front door porch to look pretty? Are you tired of worrying about sunlight, watering, pruning or other maintenance of your real plants? Why not try these artificial flowers which will remain fresh-looking and beautiful year after year? Real touch flowers are artificial flowers made of special materials including fabric and polymers. The flowers have incredibly realistic details, and when you touch them, you have a sense of touching fresh flowers. Five years ago manufacturers began to use advanced materials in the production of new-generation artificial flowers, which are known worldwide as Real Touch. Advance in technology have allowed for amazing details to be added to artificial flowers. These new products allow us to source premium faux flowers not readily available in our Midwest region (bougainvillea, palms, eucalyptus, etc.) Faux flowers-forever floral, permanent botanical, or whatever you want to call them-offer a solution. They’ll never outgrow their pots, the leaves will never droop and turn yellow, and there’s no need to worry about watering or fertilizing. They’re also pet-safe and child-safe. 【High-quality materials】Our artificial pansy bouquets are made of high-quality silk, plastic and metal wire, which can be bent freely and can be adjusted to any height you like. 【Wide range of applications】This faux pansy is suitable for weddings, parties, homes, offices and other occasions. 【DIY】You can use your imagination to DIY and make your own satisfactory, unique bouquets. We have three patterns for you to choose from.1.There may be a slight error due to manual measurement. 2.It is normal that the leaves may smell, so please place them in a ventilated environment for some time and the smell will disappear. 3.They may be a little squashed in the process of transportation. It is easy to reshape, just takes several minutes to pull into shape.

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